Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: The Bishop

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genres: Mystery/Crime Thriller; Christian; Contemporary
Pages: 523

The Bishop (The Patrick Bowers Files, #4)
F.B.I. Special Agent Patrick Bowers's cutting edge 21st century geospatial investigative techniques and impeccable logic have helped him track some of the country's most grisly killers. But those skills are pushed to the limit in this new installment of the highly acclaimed, award winning The Bowers Files series.
This time it's a congressman's daughter who is found dead even as her killers launch a spree of perfect murders in the Northeast. With nothing to link the crimes to each other, Agent Bowers faces his most difficult case yet even as his personal life begins to crumble around him.
Known for his intricately woven, masterfully plotted novels of highoctane action and spine tingling suspense, Steven James delivers once again. The Bishop is a gripping, adrenalinelaced story for readers who are tired of timid thrillers. Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride. The game is on.
My review: I actually read this one back in December, and just discovered that I had a review stashed away. Convenient, right?
Well, Steven James did it again. The suspense continues with The Bishop, book number four in The Patrick Bowers Files. Creepy, but my favorite of the series so far.
“It's hip,” I assured Tessa.

She grimaced. “Hip?”

“Trust me. I have my finger on the pulse of all that is cool.”

“Please tell me you did not just say that.”
I love it. I love how, even during this dark, slightly gruesome suspense, James still manages to add a sprinkling of humor here and there. His characters really come alive—Patrick especially feels very real to me.
The Bishop was very thought-provoking and expertly crafted, in my opinion. Definitely a book that will get your heart racing.
At the conclusion I felt somewhat accomplished, having guessed a part of what would happen in the end. Yet, when that did happen, my mind was still completely blown. That's what reading this series is like. You think you have it all figured out, and then the author delivers a twist you never expected, completely throwing you off.
The endings of James's books are always the best part. You're kept in suspense until the very end when everything unfolds and all the subplots come together. And you're thinking, “I never would have guessed...”
And then, there it is.
The end.
A cliffhanger. A brilliantly executed cliffhanger, mind you.
Now you must read the next book.
Content: Some cringe worthy murders. Some intimacy--behind closed doors scenes. More of a Christian message.

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If you like mysteries and have a strong stomach, you MUST read this series! Don't question me. I have my finger on the pulse of all that is cool.

Anyone have any recommendations for a mystery/thriller that'll get my heart racing? Creepy is GOOD, but clean is important.


  1. Sounds awesome! And those lines made me laugh xD I'll be putting this series on my tbr :)

    1. I haven't even finished the series yet, but I can say with surety that it's one of my all time favorites!

  2. Ahh cliffhangers always kill me. xD I LOVE THEM, but the paaain. And that bit of dialogue made me giggle. XD This sounds really good! I hadn't heard of it till now!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Right?! I love them if the story's good because it gets me excited for the next book. But if I hate the book, I can't stand a cliffhanger because I still want to know what happens next. I AM HAUNTED BY SO MANY UNFINISHED SERIES.