Friday, February 19, 2016

The One Lovely Blog Award

Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes tagged us for The One Lovely Blog Award. Back in September. Heh. Okay, so I forgot, but I HAVE IT TOGETHER, I PROMISE.

Actually, this is an accurate picture of me right now...

Like I said, completely together!

Onto the rules!

One Lovely Blog Award

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Posts seven facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers of your own.

Ally's facts:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite Disney movie.

Closely followed by The Kid.

2. I am a middle child

 3. I love cookies more than the cookie monster himself.

In fact, I live by his motto.

"Today me will live in the moment. Unless it's unpleasant. In which case, me will eat a cookie."

4. Oh, and cake is good too.

5. I might be somewhat obsessed with Full House.

6. I'm an an INTP. 

 7. Basically, I just love all junk food.

*whispers* Top that, Alison.

Alison's facts

It's on, Ally.

1.  I am a big theatre kid.  I have been in a few shows, and even if I'm just in the ensemble, I am always at home on the stage.

Because Hadley is cute | Imma have to agree with you on that. The man is precious.

This is partly why I am so dramatic all the time.

TGIF - humor gifs ...For more funny gifs visit

2.  I also loooooove Broadway shows.  Even though I don't have enough money to see them.  I settle for soundtracks and movie versions of the shows I have heard of.  Except Newsies.

no one does this better than Steele

It was on tour and my friend called me the night before with an extra ticket.  So basically my dreams came true.

3.  I quote TV shows and movies ALL the time.  Most of the time it goes unnoticed or I just get funny looks for my creepy quotes.  But occasionally there is someone who gets it and we have a moment.

  will always

4.  I really like puzzles, partly because I can sit for hours and listen to music while I do them.  When I get a challenging puzzle that I really like, my family has to drag me back into the real world.

andy richardson | Tumblr OH LOOK YOU CRUSHED MY SOUL

5.  I am an excessive shipper.  Sometimes very excessive.  It often comes with a lot of emotional pain.


6.  I am an ENFP.

More Than Words inspiring quote. "There's a fine line between genius and crazy... I like to use that line as a jump rope.":
It is at this time Fi has begun to want to wildly gesticulate and panic about the ever ensuing day ahead. Almost busted my shins on the stairs while flying up after meeting Dee this morning... and oh yeah I've been up since about Monday morning... just had figure that damn cognition out man... wow... seriously tho Thank You God for understanding... twice (8/28/13):

7.  My dream is that my future husband will refer to this scene when figuring out how to propose.

I’ve never seen so many books in all my life! I can’t wait to see this scene live action.

I think I did well enough to at least rank with Ally ;)

We tag these select few:

And of course anyone else who wants to do this.


  1. Pirates of the Caribbean are awesome :) I go back at watch the movies as a comfort thing :)
    Being proposed to in a library sounds pretty awesome, I hope that comes true for you, Alison! :)

  2. Ha ha I love junk food and ship way too many things, guess I have something in common with both of you.

  3. Oh my goodness, I SO enjoyed reading this, you two (partially because I could relate to almost all of these facts! ;) And the amazing GIFs. Oh my gosh. X'D)! This was such a lovely (no pun intended) tag; I loved learning more about you both! :D Also, thank you so much for tagging *me*; I will get right onto that. <3

    Blessings. x

  4. YES. Pirates of the Caribbean and The Kid both are awesome, hilarious movies! :D And junk food. Goodness, yes. I <3 junk food. :D
    And even though I'm not an ENFP, I love that quote about the fine line between genius and crazy. That's just... That's just fantastic. :D