Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund

My rating: 5 of 5 stars(4.5 stars)
Genres: Christian Fiction; Historical; Romance
Pages: 375

Hearts Made Whole (Beacons of Hope, #2)

"You're qualified to get married, bear children, and manage your household," is what Caroline Taylor is told after being wrested from her job as lighthouse keeper. She enjoys her job; it keeps her and her younger siblings fed and sheltered. But with a new keeper being appointed, their future is uncertain.

Ryan Chambers, a seemingly broken man and a Civil War veteran, has come to Windmill Point seeking a fresh start. He's secured the position as the new lighthouse keeper, but an unyielding woman and his own incompetence keep getting in the way. Both are drawn to the other, but can they look past their differences and help each other heal?

This was my first novel by Jody Hedlund and I really think she's one of the more talented Christian Fiction authors out there. Hearts Made Whole captured my attention from the start and didn't let me go until the very end.

Caroline's situation easily garnered my sympathy. After tragic circumstances, she must take the role as provider for her family. But in 1865 Michigan it just isn't proper that a woman hold the position as lighthouse keeper. The value of family is a strong theme in this book, which I appreciated, and was glad to see Caroline fight for hers.

Ryan was an interesting character for sure. He comes to Windmill Point a wounded man, physically and spiritually. Though slightly predictable, I eagerly read Caroline's and Ryan's stories, and it was so fun to see how they intertwined. There were mix-ups and misunderstandings, but I love how everything was settled in the end. I admit, I really didn't expect that twist at the end. It made me wince, I was so surprised, but Ms. Hedlund expertly wove it in.

Overall, Hearts Made Whole is a sweet romance, with a heartwarming message of hope and grace for the sinner that turns to God.

“We can't do anything on our own to be righteous. But when we turn to Him, He'll fill us with His goodness.”  

Content: Kissing; embracing; all the emotions. Nothing overly detailed, but recommend for girls 15+.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Many thanks to Bethany House.

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  1. I love to see good Christian fiction. So much out there is cliche and overdone, or simply poorly written. I haven't heard of Jody Hedlund, but I'll look into her work.

    Great review!

    Ciera @ The Write Things

    1. Sadly, that's true and especially with romance. But there is a lot of quality Christian Fiction out there! I've recently gotten into Biblical retellings, which has been a nice change.

  2. I haven't heard of this, but it seems good romance is pretty difficult to find! Glad there are, in fact, some good ones out there! :)
    Also, I tagged you for the Liebster Award over at my blog! Don't feel obligated or anything, but I just wanted to let you know :)


    1. Thanks for the tag! I promise the only reason I haven't done any of them is because I've been super busy, lol.