Friday, February 20, 2015

Review - Breaking Ties

Breaking Ties
Breaking Ties by Jo Grafford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genres: Historical Fiction; Romance
Pages: 404

A cursed island, a chilling conspiracy, an unforgettable love story...

Rose Payne’s world is left in tatters after a disastrous betrothal, making her an easy target for recruiters to the Colonies. Using every cent she has, Rose sails for the New World and a fresh start, vowing to never again fall for a wealthy man.

Returning from a diplomatic tour in London, Chief Manteo is bewitched by the fiery-haired ship’s clerk and determined to overcome her distrust. He contrives a daring plan to win her heart – one that forces her, honor bound, to serve as a slave to his tribe – a plan he prays will protect her from a chilling conspiracy involving murder, blood money, and a betrayal of their fledgling colony so terrifying it can only be revealed in Breaking Ties.

My review: Expectations. Met.

Breaking Ties was just as good as its sequel, Trail of Crosses, which was one of my favorites of last year. Yes, I read them out of order, but both books can stand alone. I really enjoyed going "back in time," if you will, to experience what happened to characters mentioned in Trail of Crosses, and especially loved seeing Jane through Rose's eyes.

I loved the characters, especially Rose. So glad the author is continuing this series!

This story pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. Recommended for lovers of Historical Romance.

Content: Mild innuendo. Recommended for girls 14+.


  1. I'm not much a fan of romance, but I love historical fiction books. Maybe I'll check this one out. It sounds like a really adventurous and intriguing book with secrets everywhere!

    1. I love romance and historical fiction, so it was perfect for me! Hope you enjoy it too if you decide to read it.

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts after you read it, Ana. :)
    All best,
    Jo Grafford

  3. Thank you for the awesome write up and review, Ally!
    <3, Jo

    1. You're welcome :) Can't wait for the next installment!