Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review - The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Genres: YA, Science Fiction, Dystopian
My rating: 3.5 stars
Average Goodreads rating: 4.02 stars

My name is Thomas, he thought.
That … that was the only thing he could remember about his life. ”

The Maze Runner immediately plunged me into the story. I had questions; I wanted to know what happened next from the very first page.

In Chapter 1 we're introduced to a boy named Thomas. What else can I tell you about him? Well...nothing. Thomas awakes to darkness, with no memories of his life, his family, his friends. He only knows his name. And apparently that's not such a strange thing in the new world he's introduced to.

His new life is a maze—literally. And for some reason that he can't explain, Thomas wants to become a Maze Runner. A risky job that will send him into the chaos that surrounds his new home, and is occupied by the dangerous and grotesque Grievers.

One more thing—no one has ever made it through alive.

I really enjoyed The Maze Runner, but it didn't quite meet my expectations. For one thing, it was a bit slow to get started. There were always questions that made me want to know what happened next, but just not enough action or happenings to make it a fast-paced read. I'd say the story started out with a bang, slowed down for a while, then picked up about half way through the book.

I think the thing I liked best about this book was the mystery behind the maze. What were all those kids doing there without their memories? It was an interesting premise, and Dashner executed it well.

Content: A lot of the characters threw around some stupid made up words(like they were cursing) and that got pretty annoying. But other than that it was a pretty clean read. I'd say suitable for ages 11 and up.

Overall, I liked the Maze Runner and I'll keep on reading the series. The epilogue really made me want to know what happens next!

Author site: http://jamesdashner.com/
Where to buy it: http://goo.gl/i7mPJN

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