Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

I saw this tag on A World Between Folded Pages and decided to do it myself!

Here are the rules:
  • Pick 5 books (favorites or random but know the characters).
  • Write the name of the books on strips of paper.
  • Draw one piece randomly for it to be your book/choice
  • Open to a random page and use the first name you see to answer question 1.
  • Use the same book for question 2, but turn to a different page.
  • Repeat the steps 2-5 till you answered all the questions.

I just picked 5 well-known books off my shelf.  Now to meet my team. Here we go!


1. The first person to die: Levana (HAHAHA. Well, that's convenient. Probably the team banded together to kill her before the zombies even could. We just killed off Levana for you, Cinder! You're welcome.)
2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: Cinder (Uh, she's cyborg. She'll live.)


3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Capricorn (Oh my goodness, look all the baddies on my team! What unfortunate fates they are meeting.... I promise I did not rig this.)
4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Meggie (I. am. appalled. And wondering why Meggie doesn't just read us into a book and out of this situation.)

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

5. The idiot of the team: Harry Potter. Well, if Harry's the most idiotic of the team then I guess we're doing pretty well overall.
6. The "brains" of the team:  Albus Dumbledore. Big shocker.


The Selection

7. The team's medic: Maxon. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
8. The weapons expert: America. Right. Moving on, then.

                     Pride and Prejudice

9. The brawler: Elizabeth Bennet. I haven't read or seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but yeah, this is pretty great.
10. The Team Captain:  Mr. Darcy. YEAH, HE IS.


I tag Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes!

Question time! If you could choose a zombie apocalypse team of book characters, who would be your top five picks?


  1. Haha, fun tag! I wouldn't mind having Darcy as my team captain *swoon*.

  2. Ha ha the Pride and Prejudice one is bang on!

  3. I mean I know we're all saying this but WHY WOULDN'T ANYONE WANT DARCY TO BE THEIR TEAM CAPTAIN? Because they're silly, that's why.

    Harry's usually the team idiot, so no surprises there. And I like that Levana will succumb. That would somehow be more fitting for her than the others. Although, as smart as Dumbledore is, I seriously don't imagine him to be much help against zombies. I mean, look at him with the Inferi.

  4. Mr. Darcy is the best team captain ever! The zombies don't stand a chance!

  5. Oh this would be a fabulous team. YOU WOULD DEFINITELY SURVIVE THE ZOMBIES, AMIRITE?!? I think I'd definitely have Harry Potter on my team...actually, no, Hermione! Someone who would help me survive with epic wizarding skills. 😂 Cinder also would work super well with Hermione I think. :')

  6. OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME!!! I don't even like zombie stories, but this tag is going to be fantastic, I know it!

    LOL, you've got a great team! I haven't seen PP&Z either, but that Elizabeth Bennett seems like she can definitely take care of herself. And I just think it's kinda funny that you killed Levana for Cinder... then tripped her so that you could get away from zombies, lol ;)