Friday, January 1, 2016

Confessions of another book drunkard

Hey, My name is Alison Gregor, and I am the fellow book drunkard (and cousin) of Ally Randolph.  I have seen her confessions and have decided to respond.  So here are the confessions of another book drunkard.

I stay up way past my bedtime
     I can't argue, I do the exact same thing.  Sometimes more than once in a row.
Once I stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning and didn't even realize what time it was until I finished the book I was reading (I think it was The Iron Butterfly)

I dog-ear pages.
I have never been a page folder, and I have gotten on your case so many times about this.  But I have had enough.
Never again the burning times!  
Burn her at the stake!  But keep the books away from the fire!

I have maybe....physically harmed some books.
     I do the same thing.  But it's always for a good reason.  
Actually the reason is normally terrible.  It normally involves character deaths.

At times I've read a whole book in one day.
I too binge read. 
I remember reading the hunger games in two-ish days and my sister got so mad at me because I sat in my room the whole day and she got bored so she kept bothering me.
When someone interrupts your reading. | Community Post: 17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand

I color-coordinated my bookshelf
And you promised to do mine.  Get down here and make my bookshelves pretty!  My bookshelf really needs some organizing.
 They do. I can't read them right now.

I didn't want to get my drivers license because it meant I couldn't read in the car anymore.
I got my permit and I dread it for the same reason.  I also don't like that I have to grow up and have responsibilities.

Sometimes, I've been a bit forceful when it comes to making book suggestions....
I have been on the other side of those suggestions.  Most of the time they turn out to be awesome books but then I have to read the rest of the series and finish the books I was reading before...
best ways to read books, demonstrated fabulously by Darren Criss | 25 Proper Ways To Read A Book

Newsies GIFs For Every Occasion. I need to keep this gif with me forever for those people who put out their terrible opinions, such as,"Doctor Who is stupid."

I CANNOT get into audiobooks.  They're tooooo slooooww.
I personally like audiobooks because I can read with my eyes closed.  It's like having a superpower.
There will always be that one theatre that we all started with and that theatre will forever be my theatre home. And those people forever my real theatre family.

The majority of my money goes towards books.
I don't spend all my money on books, but I do like to have nice artillery at all times.
I agree, Doctor. :D:

I never pay full price for a book.
I will often get really far through the bookstore with a book I'm gonna buy when I look again...It's kind of like this:
gif from Sherlock Holmes. RDJ's face! lol\

These are all of Ally's but I think there are a few more that I should add in.  

I love it when people read to me.  Especially when they can do the voices and read it dramatically.  I also really like reading aloud dramatically.  I'm telling you I can draw tears if you give me a sad piece to read.  
I love stitch.

I am pretty good at book shopping for people when I know what they have read before.  I always wait for them to read the first chapter so I can see if they like it.
Theodore “Laurie” Laurence - Little Women | Community Post: 15 Literary Hunks To Cuddle By The Fire via @BuzzFeed

Happy new year everybody!! :)


  1. I relate to everything in this post. I really liked the Iron Butterfly, I think I stayed up late to finish it too.

    1. The Iron Butterfly is one of my favorites. But I kind of grew out of the Unfortunate Fairy Tale series. I just got tired of them before I could read all of them.

  2. This is why I need to listen to audiobooks - I'm all for having superpowers. Although I confess I don't really stay up late reading books - I'm always too aware of the time, it's so irritating.

    BUT YES having to drive and not being able to read sucks. *curses adulthood*

    1. You can listen to audiobooks when you drive! We always get a Harry Potter book on CD for long trips.

  3. Ahhh, your gif usage is perfect, Alison. And I'M SORRY, but the bookmarks keep disappearing on me! *runs and hides to escape a painful death*

  4. I love the gif usage here but ESPECIALLY that Tenth Doctor image which is a favorite of mine for....many reasons which I won't list here ♥.♥ Also? That Christian Bale gif. #love I love audiobooks too, you can read with eyes closed like you said, which is SUPER relaxing - though I like your super-power statement. PLUS you can read while driving, cleaning or any other mundane task...which is of course made more fun by reading while doing so XD Awesome post^^

    1. Thanks! Pinterest has been my best friend when looking for Gifs. My personal favorite is eccleston, there was just something about him being my first doctor that I just couldn't get around. But ten is amazing as well. (That Christan Bale Gif is from little women! He was also in newsies, it's so fun to watch young Batman.):)

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  5. I relate to so many things on this post but I'm most guilty at satying up late reading even though I need to wake up early the next day. Lovely post!